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Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide Read More
It is a polymer with an average molecular weight of 52,350 and is made up of three sugars; glucose, galactose and xylose in the molar ratio of 3:1:2.

TSP has a branched chain made up of a cellulose polysaccharide protruding from the main chain that transports xylose and galactose,
The Soft Contact Lenses

• Sponge effect: due to eyelid pressure deforms the lens favours the release of the copolymer.

• Blinking: thanks to eyelid friction, reduces the viscosity of the copolymer, helping it to be released.

• The increased temperature of the cl when it comes into contact with the ocular surface exploits the thermo-reversible properties of the copolymer guaranteeing

The characteristics of the two natural polymers, TSP and HA, provide the opportunity to create a synergy that enhances their already notable properties: hydration, wetting, protection of the ocular surface and favouring the regrowth of the epithelial microvilli.